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I was on the sidelines of a “chariot race” at school.  All of our second graders were either being horses pulling the chariots (aka wagons lugged in from home), or charioteers (those getting to ride in the wagons).  My friend, Maureen, stood beside me.  She was screaming her lungs out at Katie to pull harder! Stay on course! Watch where her competitors were gaining on her!  I, on the other hand, was laughing at the antics while encouraging William to have fun, enjoy the moment.  I was basically thinking this is a second grade excuse to be outside on a beautiful day.  Maureen and I talked about our different reactions.  She said that she felt it was her responsibility to motivate her three girls to always do their best, to achieve, to beat out the boys when given the opportunity. I, on the other hand, felt like my four boys needed to be encouraged to have fun and NOT see every situation as an opportunity to compete. They needed to relax and realize winning wasn’t everything.  The bottom line: Katie went to Harvard on a soccer scholarship.