When you are a Christian and have Christian friends, someone will inevitably say, ”….during my quiet time this morning….” Quiet time?!!  What is that?!!  With four little boys running around, there is simply no such thing as quiet time. I know there are some super human women who get up before the kids and spend time with God, and I admire them, I really do, but I was (and am) not one of them.  If there were no children awake and it was morning, I was still rock solid asleep in my bed.

Yet, I did need to give God some time each day or I would drift away from Him and not feel good about it. Feeling distant from God and sort of just forgetting about Him on a day-to-day basis makes me feel untethered. So I had to find some easy ways to stay on track, even on my busiest days. I found that if I actually got out of bed before reading my devotional, more times than not, I would never get back to it.  Even if I tried to sneak into the kitchen for a cup of coffee to enjoy while reading and praying – life would just happen – I would see the dirty soccer jersey that needed to be ready to go in an hour, my husband would see I was “free” and want to talk or have breakfast, a baby would start to stir.  Better to stay in bed, even for just five minutes (at least it is still warm and cozy) and close your eyes and pray (don’t fall back asleep!), then grab your devo and read.  Who knows, God may see you need more time and make that happen.

jesus calling.jpg

My “Go To” that has gotten me through many a hard day is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  Her messages are short, to the point and universally things we all need to hear. I have used it for many years, on and off, and it never gets old. I like the one that has the scripture references printed out.  You can get it as an app too – but don’t you look at your phone enough already?  Although that could be good for carpool line. Get the hardback (all different colors!) because it will become a standby for years to come. There is another one I like too that gives me room to journal a little bit – I just use it to praise and thank God and pray for my concerns.  If 15 or 20 minutes seems do-able, try one of Beth Moore's 90 day devotionals - they are beautiful, there is an area to write, great easy, applicable reading, plus you will learn something. My favorite is 90-Day Devotional, David, a Heart Like His.

Bottom line: Don't give up. God can do a whole lot for you in five minutes. He is amazing that way! No guilt allowed.