Having four sons, I could never know, for a fact, whether girls and boys are really so different.  I still maintain that they are quite unalike and now that I have had our niece, Olivia, live with us from 14 to 18, I at least know that teenaged boys and teenaged girls are TOTALLY different. 

But back up a bit…when Edward was 3 years old, we were hanging out on the cul-de-sac with a neighbor and her little girl, Heather, who was about 4 at the time. I pointed out a caterpillar and the four of us squatted down to observe this funny, little fuzzy creature. I was ready to turn this into the “butterfly talk” when Edward stood up and with all his might, stomped on the caterpillar, completely flattening the poor thing. He seemed quite proud that he had taken care of business but as you might imagine, Heather shrieked in horror and ran back to her house. Her mother scurried after her while giving me “the look” over her shoulder: how could you have ever raised a child that would act this way?!  I think the mother of boys is used to that look. You just have to see the humor. Take this away: Be confident in your mothering. Your child is unique and no one knows him/her better than you. Maybe just shrug with a smile at THE LOOK.


Edward is all grown up at 30 - his caterpillar squishing days are behind him.  Here he is with his lovely girlfriend, Marie.