Lonely, part 3

You have just had a baby. You feel fat and exhausted. You can barely get through the day. But if you don’t talk to another grown-up, you might just go insane.  Time to exercise. I can hear groans from here and I feel much the same way when it comes to exercise. But exercising, while the baby is safely cared for in the nice clean nursery is another thing all together. I’ve found there are basically two different types of exercise people. Some can just walk, jog, run, do the treadmill, spin – these are the ones who live for Pure Barre. I am not one of those – in fact, my one and only Pure Barre experience may have scarred me for life.  Please just give me a class where I can focus on something besides my own body and I might be up for it.  I have found anything with a dance kind of aspect is for me. Jazzercise is super fun and has the added bonus of connecting you to semi-popular music. The clientele may be a little old though, depending on your whereabouts.  Zumba is really fun as well and might even make you feel like you are a little bit sexy (again). The YMCA is great in Sarasota but not good in Charleston, so check out what the Y has to offer in your town. Churches are great for offering exercise with childcare too.

Don’t worry about not knowing the steps, just stay in the back (so you don’t mix up those behind you) and just keep moving. Others love to feel they are in the know, so you will be making others feel good. The mirror – maybe you love what you see – if so, stand right up front and strut your stuff but if you are like me, just find a spot where you can pretty much be right behind someone and still see the instructor.  If all else fails, just don’t look! There are times that I have actually thought, “…after I lose a little weight, then, I will go to exercise class” – then I won’t be so self-conscious about my body.  What? Listen to yourself. That makes no sense. A great majority of grown-up females have had a baby so they know what you are going through and sympathize. I find that I am more likely to go to a class than I am to go work out solo.  And I am even more likely to go if I have a buddy so make a plan with a pal, a girl down the street you’ve been meaning to get to know, your sister, your mother even. Don’t know anyone? Find someone in your class, with a baby, and ask them to go to lunch. What to wear?  I don’t have cute exercise clothes. Well, I did have a cute leotard one time; it had a picture of a cheeseburger and French fries on the front (true story).  Sweatpants and t-shirts work just fine for me. Bottom line: Exercise + childcare  + people around  =  feeling a whole lot better.